Sunday, January 3, 2010

Testing 1...1,2

So here goes.....

I like to look at things. And here, there's a lot to look at. Also a lot to hear and feel and taste. But once you get all of the seeing and hearing and feeling and tasting done, it's amazing how fast those experiences can flutter away.
I'm learning more and more to savor experiences, let them sink in. And for me, the best way to sort through it all is to talk about it. Which brings me to why I wanted to start a blog...
I'm blessed to be living in this amazing part of the world, with all of these wonderful people around me - I think it's best to get my thoughts onto paper (of sorts) so that they don't run away from me too quickly. It's also exciting to think of the possibility of my experiences sparking further contemplation and conversation.
So please do not hesitate to jump in and comment - that's really the point, anyway.

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