Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ultimate Outfits 19...Oscar Edition

Yeah, yeah I know I'm a little behind schedule. But last weekend was Husband's birthday, so I didn't have time to post this.
But, in case you were wonderin', here's what I would have worn to this year's Oscars (with Ryan Gosling as other arm candy, naturally).
(Background photo:
I picked this gown out a couple of weeks ago, but as it turns out it would have been PERFECT for this year's Academy Awards - Sequins? Check. Slit to high heavens? Check. Awesome color (because everyone but Viola Davis was wearing some shade of Bleh-ck)? CHECK.

This Ultimate Outfit consists of...

Elie Saab - Spring 2012 blue sequin awesomeness

Gucci - Spring 2004 "corset" heels

Louis Vuitton - Fall 2011 Wrist Cuff Clutch (a 'lil bit naughty, eh?)

William Goldberg - "Anastasia" Ashoka cut diamond earrings
Because it's the Oscars, and you can't wear some costume sh*t.

Van Cleef and Arpels - Oiseaux de Paradis ruby, sapphire and diamond ring

SO there. If any budding starlets need some assistance on how to look awesome at next year's big night, you know who to call.

As for the ladies who turned it out this year, here are my favorites:
Beautiful color, and I LOVE the natural hair. 

It's a simple gown, but that cape lends a regal quality that she pulls off well.

If I had to choose from the gowns there, I'd pick this one. Thank god for Vivienne Westwood.

Ok, the leg nonsense is killing me (you don't turn you're foot OUT! It looks like you're squatting!), but this gown is gorgeous.....we need more velvet in the world.