Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Bunnies

Today is our second day snowboarding at Vail, Colorado.
The weather has been gorgeous (aside from a near death experience driving up here Wednesday night), and I'm starting to get my feet back under me!

One of the most exciting things about coming out here, for me, is the outrageous boarder style (some skiers too :)). It's all about this carefully calculated "laid-back" look. Bright colors, crazy patterns, and baggy everything - although I personally couldn't avoid a more "tailored" jacket. It's a world of it's own, and I'm excited to be in it for this week.

We started out yesterday at Beaver Creek - just a half day to get warmed up.

Erin and Josh ready to hit the slopes! (We had to tease Erin about her preppy green and pink color combo - but the girl can ride, so who cares anyway??? At least she's easy to spot, as I'm falling my way down the mountain!).

The view from one of the lodges......those Icicles are about 8-9 feet long!

Super cool skier girls at the lodge - I love the jacket on the right with that Native American blanket style print. (Bare with me as I'm working on my iphone picture taking skills!)

Josh heading down at the end of the day. Josh is a really good boarder, but I'm getting faster - I'm going to beat him to the base one of these days!

*Sigh*........silly skiers.


  1. Loooks like fun. And I bet it's warmer there than back in NYC.
    Have fun and don't come home with bruises.

  2. An ole southern boy says, "It's function over fashion!"... So if you see me on the slopes, go easy on the attire, haha.