Thursday, January 14, 2010

Home Again!

So Josh and I just got back to the JC tonight. It was a wonderful trip, but I'm always glad to come home.
(Josh resting before the last run of the day)

I have a few more "Slope Style" pictures, but I have to admit, I really didn't get all of the ones I wanted to share with you all. I quickly discovered that you can't stop a snowboarder barreling down a mountain just to take a picture of her outfit. Bummer. I was stuck with whoever I came across in the lift lines or at the lodges. Next time, I'll try to get in at least one day dedicated entirely to just taking pictures of people!
Nevertheless, here are a few of my favorites:

I'm guessing this guy doesn't play around on the slopes - You have to be a great rider to pull something like this off.

Nothing like a neon orange jumpsuit! (The belt on this is embossed leather.)

This kid knows how to do it.

There wasn't as much to look at off the mountain, but I think this girl got it right - Comfortable but stylish, and I love the multicolored bag. This is the most attractive puffy jacket I've ever seen - maybe Josh can convince me to get one now!

Yesterday we spent the evening in Boulder, CO. It was a very fun night, tons of food. Josh took me to his favorite restaurant, Frasca. We had a few snacks to start the evening - the cole slaw, Frico Caldo, and we shared a pork belly entree. They also served us a lovely white wine, I wish I remembered the name of - it was bright, with a fruity nose (peaches, a bit of rosemary), but a dry finish.
The cole slaw was very tasty - well balanced with beet sugar, a nice light vinegar, and a great olive oil that really shined in the dish (it's not so often that olive oil really "speaks" to me, but this one added a subtle smoothness to the plate.)
How to describe the frico caldo???? Well, I'd say it's a beautiful, technically prepared dish that tastes like the best cheesy mashed potatoes your southern grandmother has ever made. A great savory flavor, without too much salt, all of its three ingredients really contribute - comforting potato, onion and cheese...what more can a girl ask for?! Josh tells me it takes the chef days to prepare this seemingly simple dish - but whatever they do to it, it's delicious.
The pork belly entree was subtle and beautifully balanced. The meat was fantastically tender, and the flavors of the dish quite varied - the plate was "accessorized" with a sweet cabbage (I think it was braised), as well as a cauliflower cream. Yum.

Yet, as much as I'm going on and on about Frasca, I have to say I wasn't knocked out by it. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood. It was all very fresh food and all expertly prepared. But for that same kind of theme, I prefer Blue Hill here in NYC. Next time in Boulder, I'll give it another go.

We ended up meeting with Josh's friends Carol and Aaron for a proper dinner at a FABULOUS place called Bombay Bistro. I'm not exactly sure everything we had (Josh always orders everything off the menu for me to try), but I'll give it a go.
I ordered a wonderfully spicy Vindaloo - tomato curry with potatoes and dark meat chicken. One of the standouts was a coconut and ginger crusted sea bass - perfectly cooked. A little but of crunch on the outside of the fish, a lovely sweetness to the sauce, without being sugary.
But my favorite dish on the table - the amazing short ribs. I can't even describe, you just have to taste it. I think there were raisins in the sauce or something....just very complex, spicy - the way great Indian food should taste.
We had a great experience there, not in small part to the incredible hospitality of the owner, Paul. He treated us like family, and one gets the impression that he feels that way about all of his guests at the restaurant. Bombay Bistro is definitely on my favorites list.

We're back in town now, and tomorrow is my birthday!
I'm sure there will be lots to talk about then....:)

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