Monday, September 13, 2010

Minnesota State Fair.....Pt. 4...

...the Biggest and the Best.

A large part of the state fair has to do with finding the best in the Midwest. And there's a category for EVERYTHING imaginable.

Giant rabbit!

Me with a few contenders for the largest pumpkin.

Reggie, Minnesota's Largest Boar. Weighing in at 1,500 lbs, his head was about 3x the size of mine.

(See the original cartoon here.)
One of the most interesting categories of competition is "Crop Art." Submissions range from picturesque to political. I'm always surprised/impressed by how the contenders really use this peculiar medium to express themselves so passionately.

There are tons of beautiful vegetables...

Each day of the fair, a different local flower organization hosts it's own judging. We were there to see the African Violets - my favorite! The most amazing variations... 

I'd never seen a violet like this one!

Of course there are craft entries of every variety....

Beautiful hand made wooden nesting eggs

In the category of 'Barbie Wedding Gowns', Midge is a first prize bride, with Barbie ready to catch the bouquet. (I am definitely entering a gown next year!)

Baking is also a big category.

This is only a sample of the bread section!

Homemade syrups and infused vinegars

Honey from Minnesota bee keepers!

Creamed honey and honeycomb as well

There are also a variety of horsemanship events.

Phew! SO much to do at the State Fair!


  1. that's some beautiful produce. hope all is well in...minnesota? wtf, girl. :)

  2. I've become completely disillusioned with fashion and have decided to move to the rural midwest and become a biodynamic farmer.