Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art for Eat Sake

      Some may know, but many don't.... I love Piet Mondrian. There was a point in my life when this love bordered on obsession - everything was inspired by Mondrian - art projects, fabric choices, a hooded scarf I made..... and at one point I even considered getting a tattoo of Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow. UnfortunatelyPiet and I kind of lost touch a couple of years back.....

  ....But today, I found something that rekindled my love for the Dutch painter....

'Mondrian Cake'

     The cake is a creation of Caitlin Williams Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee Bar in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. (You can read the all about it Caitlin's inspiration and process here). I'm not going to hate on her for it not being exactly like the original, although some of the spirit is lost by not maintaining the same areas of color (the painting was partly a study in visual balance - varying line weights balancing out blocks of color). And I bet the original painting doesn't taste nearly as good.
     Brilliantly, most of the pastries she makes for the cafe are inspired by the museum's collection. This is awesome, because pretty things that taste good are infinitely fascinating to me. I hope to visit Blue Bottle someday and see what else Caitlin has to offer. Don't worry, I'll take lots of pictures.

     Seeing this inspired me to find out what other cool Mondrian-inspired things are floating out there in the world.....
Yves Saint Laurent 

T-Shirt Design found on Design by Humans

Nail design found on Sophy Robson

Chair Design by Gerrit Rietveld

A house in Ghent, Belgium found on Art in the Picture

Flower Vase

Shoes by Nike found on Nice Kicks

Shoes by Vans found on eukicks

Shoes by Christian Louboutin

THE REAL O.G.......

Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow by Piet Mondrian



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