Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snow Surfing

     Josh and I are back in Vail, CO!
We arrived in Denver Sunday afternoon. We made a quick stop for Eggs Marcos (an amazing dish of eggs scrambled with bacon, cheddar cheese and cream cheese, with a fluffy biscuit and side of fruit - I've been craving this since we were in Boulder last year!) at the Walnut Cafe with Carol. Then up the mountain to meet up with Josh's father, his wife and 4 siblings, on the ski vacation they so generously invited us to join them on.
     So far, we've been having a GREAT time. Growing up with just 1 sister, I didn't realize how much I enjoy having a lot of family around. And 3 teenage boys, plus a female college freshman (arguably as much energy as the boys combined), plus big brother Josh - if that's not a lot of family, I'm not sure what is!
The Marrow Boys! Daniel, Benjamin, Josh, and Jonathan

     And I've got some more slope style for you......

I love the bright colors and mix of patterns these snowboarders put together.

This guy had the whole thing going on (I'm guessing he's 8 or 9..?) - striped jacket, bright pants, patterned scarf, even a cool backpack. He looks like he means business - Wish I could have seen him ride!

Jonathan showing me his "slope style."

More to come!

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