Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Place Like Home

     So we're back home, on the "Ice Coast." I have to say, that trip to Vail was one of the most fun vacations I've had in a long time. Everyone was in high spirits and having a good time. Good food, thanks to the wonderful Richard Brown, good snow (including my first ever powder day!), excellent guides (Kevin Shelton, Jeff Mathes, Dave Wilson, Dan Adams) and more family than you can shake a stick at, although I don't know why you would want to. Having so many people around is somewhat foreign to me, being that I grew up in a small nuclear family. But even though this vacation was crazy at times, I actually kind of miss everybody.

     The Marrow kids are some of the most remarkable people I've ever met. It's evident right away that they are well-educated - using latin root words to circumvent the rules of Taboo.....it's just not fair. But more than that, they are bright, sharp, quick-witted, and just plain smart. They are all so different, which in a family of 6 strong personalities is a feat unto itself. I've had the opportunity to spend a fair amount of time with Rebecca - she is unfailingly enthusiastic and gregarious, as well as determined and strong-willed (a necessity when you have 4 little brothers). She has said that she wants to be in the CIA, and Josh and I have a running joke that upon hire she would call everyone she's ever met to say, "Oh my god, guess what.....I just got these nuclear launch codes...." But who knows, maybe she has us all fooled.
     I am really grateful that this trip gave me a chance to get to know the boys better. I never knew how loving 3 teenage siblings could be! Of course there's plenty of teasing, tackling, and punching, but hardly in the same quantities as hugging and kissing. Honestly, Josh and I couldn't even begin to imagine having as many pet names for each other as these kids have.....I mean "snuggler's notch?" Really?(I know, I'm really embarrassing them, but it's part of the fun!) And, aside from typical sibling disputes, they all seem to respect each other's different interests and talents.
     Daniel is a skilled athlete and sharp humorist - he sees EVERYTHING and will not hesitate to tease you about ANYTHING. But what I appreciate most about him is that when he engages with you, you can be sure that he is listening, absorbing, and responding with true consideration.
     Benjamin is too intelligent for his own good.....that guy has more brain power than just about anyone I've ever come across. It's clear that he is always thinking, although it is less obvious what he's actually thinking about. He is definitely a bit of a mystery to me in that sense, but he is also very charming and sweet (a combination that is sure to drive the girls crazy, when he comes of mind to use it that way). Most of all, I love that he is constantly curious, interested and eager to learn.
    And Jonathan............well, he's probably having the most fun of anyone alive. Never have I met someone so un-self conscious! He is always laughing or smiling - he gets more pleasure out of an afternoon nap than most people get from a day on the beach. I am always joyful to be around him, because he emanates a feeling that whatever is happening is the best thing that has ever happened.

    So yeah, it was a great trip. And I had so much fun snowboarding, that I'm seriously considering trading in my cork wedge sandals for some double cork action in the superpipe.

That's not to say that snowsports ≠ style. Quite the contrary, actually.........

You can't really tell in this picture, but her lipstick matched her outfit perfectly.

I love the graphic jacket with neutral pants.....I think it helps that she has red hair and a cute dog.....

Jonathan showing me more of his slope style.
Me in my hot pink helmet!
What a great trip! I've no doubt that I'm going be be dreaming of rainbow rails tonight......

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