Thursday, February 11, 2010

A great loss.....

I just got the appears that one of my favorite designers, Alexander Mcqueen, took his own life last night.
The industry is surely in shock. This is a huge blow to the fashion world - not only was Mcqueen a respected and influential designer but also an industry icon who changed the way modern women dress.

Looks from Fall 2008

A proponent of statement making women's wear, Mcqueen dressed his woman in strong, feminine tailoring, exquisite draping, and otherworldly embellishments and prints. His collections were transportive - each one told an elaborate fairy tale in lazer-cut lace, embroidered silk and beaded chiffon. It is impossible to describe with words - his garments are artworks that have to be seen, touched, and worn.

Looks from Spring 2007

Fashion week is on the horizon, and in a time when the fashion industry is focusing on practical and wearable clothing, his whimsical, imaginative garments will be sorely missed. He was truly a great talent.

Looks from Spring 2008

Looks from Fall 2006

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