Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fake It until You Make It

Great song, great video

It's so refreshing to come across someone so talented, creating something that they really believe in. It's clear Aloe Blacc really has something to say. And with a voice like that, I'm sure he can get a lot of people to listen.

This song is also the theme of How to Make it in America on HBO. As I've said before, it's a really interesting show about young people in New York, trying to make something happen for themselves. There's a lot about the show that resonates with me, and many of the characters remind me of friends I've made in this city. The 1st season is over now, and I was glad to find that it maintained the same message throughout - no matter who they are, everyone in NYC is hustling. No one's going to give it to you, you have to take it.

I was talking to my friend Gerry about this just the other day. I don't know many people here who just want to skate by - certainly not anyone who has moved here. You have to expect a lot of yourself, want a lot for your life....New York has amazing things to offer, but if you're not looking for amazing things, it's just too damn hard to live here. It's loud and crowded and dirty....if there's not something you want that's worth climbing over people for, then there's no point being here. It's only an easy life if you're wealthy and well connected, otherwise be ready to work your butt off.

Gerry is incredibly hardworking.......he expects so much of himself and doesn't relent until he feels he has done his best work. And he's fearless. He was telling me stories of walking into boardrooms as an intern and throwing out crazy ideas to head designers - something most people wouldn't have dared to do. But it got him noticed, and coupled with really good work, it got him a job. And now in no time flat he's bolting up the career ladder, with the ultimate goal of being able to have his own design firm. I have not doubt that he'll see that through.

Jay, Me, Gerry, PK and Tristan in Amsterdam

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